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Argonaut V2 370mm FPV Racing frame - Integrated PCB and PDB

Argonaut V2 370mm FPV Racing frame - Integrated PCB and PDB

Price: $89.99

Item: AGT370-V2

Weight: 460g

Off the shelf
We have released our premiere FPV frame Argonaut V2 follow the customers advice, the Argonaut: great features, design, durability, great looks and the motor arms are a nice beefy 4mm thick yet won’t break the bank.
The Argonaut is a 370mm class Hex frame design that is optimized for FPV flight with a forward platform for HD cams & FPV gear and a rear platform for ample battery and CG adjustment. One of the key features is Integrated PCB and 5vdc 5A UBEC, 
There are lots of FPV Mini Hex frames on the market and each have their unique features, the Argonaut incorporates them all in a top level product that is unmatched in construction and strength.

The arms are fiberglass sandwiched with 2 layers of CF
  Integrated PCB is fiberglass naturally,
5 individual 5vdc regulators for Accessories
Integrated 5vdc 5A UBEC for Flight Controller

Motor: 1806-2300KV/1450KV; Prop: 5"-6";
ESS: 12A / 20A
Battery: 2200mAh–5800mAh
Take Off Weight: <= 1.2kg (3S 2200mAh)
Flight Time: 10-15 Min (tested at 10min on 3S 2200mAh - 2300kV motors)
Frame Weight: 340g (Approx)
Size: 370mm

Argonaut 370 FPV Kit without ESC Version

6x 1806 class motors
6x ESC12A / ESC20A
6x 5" to 6" props
2200~5800mah Battery
Flight controller
Radio system
FPV gear (optional)

Assemble Manual: Here


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