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RCT800 w/ 915Mhz ArduFlyer-UAV AVDome Kits

RCT800 w/ 915Mhz ArduFlyer-UAV AVDome Kits

Price: $579.99

Item: RCT800-915KIT

Weight: 1800g

Off the shelf

RCT800 with 915Mhz ArduFlyer-UAV AVDome Kits

RCT800 Board upgrade from 550-V2, if you have RCTimer 450 550, DJI 450 550, you can convenient upgrade your MultiRotors. 

Power distribution board built in

RCT800 work with AVDome build tutorial By J. Abram:



RCT800 weight lift test (By J. Abram)

Package list:

1 set RCT800 Frame
6 pcs HVSK40A
4 pairs12x4.5" carbon fiber
6 pcs HP4215-630KV
1 x AVDome Kit
1 x CN06-Plus
1 x ArduFlyer2.5.2
1 set 915Mhz Radio Telemetry Kit



Just RCT800, without Landing gear, if you need landing Gear, please contact us.

Diagonal axis length: 800mm






tudball : 14-08-20 23:51
I have tried to place an order via computer and iphone without success. Can you help me?d
Admin  Reply: 14-08-21 09:51
Can you send the error message to Thanks.

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