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Rctimer AIOPIO Board (Input / Output module)

Rctimer AIOPIO Board (Input / Output module)

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AIOPIO Board (Input / Output module)


AIOPIO is the Input/Output module for AIOP Flight Controller v1.0/1.1/2.0. It allowed to connect LED and others module to AIOP.


0.1" pitch standard port for serial1/2/3
Analog input port0/1/2 for Airspeed and V&I Sensor
ULN2003A LED driver and output port
FrSky Telemetry output port
Reverse polarity protection for external power port
Select jumper for LED/Input power/FRSKY


Dimension: 50mmx25mm
Fixing hole spacing: 45mm
Hole diameter: 3.1mm


Package content
AIOPIO Board x 1
1.25-8Pin cable 50mm x2


Select jumper:
SJ1: IN7(ULN2003A) to A1(AIOP)
SJ2: IN6(ULN2003A) to A2(AIOP)
SJ3: IN5(ULN2003A) to A3(AIOP)
SJ4: FrSky telemetry output port to Serial 0(AIOP)
SJ5: External power input for AIOPIO board
All of Select Jumpers no solder by default.




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