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XT60 to 4 X 3.5mm bullet ESC Power Breakout Cable

XT60 to 4 X 3.5mm bullet ESC Power Breakout Cable

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Item: 258000035

Weight: 50g

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this cable simplifies the construction of your Quadcopter power system by allowing you to simply plug the system together - Plug and play style and with zero soldering!

This cable comes pre terminated with an XT60 battery input and terminates in 4 pairs of 3.5mm female gold connectors. Wiring is silicone insulated 14 Awg - splitting into 18 Awg.

Please see the related items below to build an entire plug and play power system!

Battery Input via: XT60 Female
Esc output via: 3.5mm Gold Connector
Esc Quantity: 4
Wire Gauge: 14AWG(80mm) / 18AWG(120mm)
Length: 200mm
Weight: 27 grams


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