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(Red) S800/S1100/RS900 ESC 40A SimonK Firmware

(Red) S800/S1100/RS900 ESC 40A SimonK Firmware

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Item: S800ESC-Red

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(Red) S800/S1000/S1100/RS900 ESC 40A With SimonK Fireware(Upgrade)


Continuous current: 40A

Instant current(10S): 60A

BEC type: N/A

BEC output: OPTO

Battery cell: Li-io Li-poly 2-6S; NiMH NiCd 5-21


1. Drive tube and high-power Mos, and Mos tube plus a separate heat sink, extreme low output resistance of the PCB(printed circuit board), super current endurance.

2. The power input uses extreme low output resistance greatly enhance the power stability, and has the protective effect on the battery.

3. Safety electrical function: when the power is turned on, regardless of the throttle stick in any position does not start themotor immediately, to avoid personal injury.

4. Separately voltage regulator IC for microprocessor, providing good anti-jamming capability.

5. Supported motor speed (Maximum): 210000 RPM (2 poles), 70000 RPM (6 poles), 35000 RPM (12 poles).

6. Using a dedicated multi-copter program tgy_debug, and the master chip with high stability crystal oscillator, making the motor control to more precise.

Product Function Illustrate:

The ESC of multi-copter brushless motor is special design for multi-copter aircraft, Throttle curve freely set and remove the brake function. To let player get a good throttle linearity. Wide voltage range can be configured to be compatible with a variety of brushless motor market.

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