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RCTimer ESC 40A Brushless Motor Speed Controller

RCTimer ESC 40A Brushless Motor Speed Controller

Price: $13.99

Item: ESC 40A

Weight: 50g

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RCTIMER V2 40 Amp ESC with built-in 3A BEC

Hobbywing's program

• Compact 40 amp Brushless ESC
• With builT-in 3 amp BEC
40 amps continuous, 45 amps burst
• 55mm x 26mm x 11.6mm, 35g plus

• Handles up to 12.6V
• Programmable LiPo or NiMh cutoff
• Programmable brake
• Low resistance

This ESC is a great match for most motors that draw up to 40 amps. It will handle 19.2V with the BEC disabled, or 12V normally.

Programmable features include

- Brake on or off
- Auto LiPo (2.9V per cell)
- Auto NiMh (60% of start voltage)

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e3scott: 17-10-16 23:19
I purchased two of these ESCs quite awhile back. Unfortunately, one of them did not dissipate heat well at all. Even when used with a prop/motor combo that pulled only 30A consistently, the ESC would get very hot, was worried it might burn out. The other has worked well for a long time, I have hundreds of flights with it and never any problems. I run six 9 gr servos with it all the time and the BEC handles them without any problem. The one bad one must have been a dud, but the good one has served me very well. Very easy to change settings with the ESC card, also can be programmed using a Turnigy Plush ESC card.

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