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BeeRotor BVONE 5.8G 40CH Diversity FPV Goggles Build-In 5" LCD V1.1

BeeRotor BVONE 5.8G 40CH Diversity FPV Goggles Build-In 5

Price: $89.99

Item: BVONE1.1

Weight: 560g

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BVONE is FIRST ever superme-light FPV Diversity VR Goggles, presented by BEEROTOR brand with honor. Built-in with V3 Diversity-Tech, this 230g goggles offer most relaxed and immersed FPV experience.
BEEROTOR dedicate to serve FPVers, we always think and do a little more step than others

Name: BVONE superme-light FPV Diversity VR Goggles
Manufacturing code: BV05

Add Display 4:3
Strength RX singal
optimized power support

Main Features:
With EPP/Plastic mixture, Lower the weight to 230g, close to FatShark/Skyzone type products(around 200g), and way lighter than most of competitors (300-400g or even heavier, 4.3inch one RX), and BVone is 5 inch goggles, come with V3 Diversity-Tech. Superme light body, enhanced our using experience for long time use.
We dedicate to offer your first affordable FPV VR goggles, and indeed, BVone is great choice for FPVers who fly a lot.
When you see BVone, please NEVER hesitate to experience it, you will never regret to meet this lovable gear, and you will love it from surprise (BVone’s light).

Just right length:
To make it look right on your face, rather than look like Pinocchio or Monster, we repeatly adjust the ratio of BVone in design. We challenge the thinness of 6mm off EPP. And then that is what you get and see.

BVone apt to “slim” body rather than “too big” scale, avoiding cover big part of faces and make you feel hot in it. Better size, relax your head and neck, focus you in enjoying the FPV pleasure.

“Cooling” arrangement
Bigger hole beneath nose, no pressure and better airing;
Heat-make rate : Screen 20% or less, PCBA+VRX 80%
We set 80% heating parts beneath the surface.
In this way, we have better heating dismissing and stain cool with inside.
*BVone work continuously for 10 hours in TOS ASIA CUP SHANGHAI, under 46 degree sunstroke.

Comfortable face-friend design
Right material of sponge, cooling and sweat absorbent. You can easily change the sponge with a new one. Horn month release pressure for face instead “biting” your face

Easy wearing:
T-strap and 3 ways adjust, even children can wear it faster

7-23V DC in, 2S or 3S recommended.
2200mAh=7 hours non-stop FPV  
You can change battery and continue when one battery low, no need to wait for charge.

V3 Diversity-Tech:
Diversity-Tech V1: Compare once and choose one of the RX (seldom use now);
Diversity-Tech V2: Compare frequently and choose the better signal (most use this);
Diversity-Tech V3: Compare continuously, choose better signal, enhance it with AP circle and display
We are the first into V3

Cover all 5.8GHz frequencies, including RaceBand.

Auto Searching:
One button and you got the working frequency.

AV in:
BVone allows video source of other RX to show in. 

Ease to carry and care:
Light, right size, easy to put in a bag, and BVone protect itself with outer EPP.

2.9 times enlarge rate, PMMA Fresnel lens, 93% transparences rate, no blur or distort, all clear and bright.  

Displayer Medium:
Analog 800*480 High resolution and high brightness snow screen.

Industrial Design:
Not just choose EPP, we challenge to make the thinness 6mm, to make BVone slim.

Ergonomic Fit:
Fit both eastern and western face curve. You can use BVone directly even when you have short eye sight problem (less than 450 degree).

Pro 5.8GHz Tech
BEEROTOR ensure products with great quality and nice features, we are experienced.

Cooling and more
Not just heat dismissing holes, we arrange heat making parts and put them in right place.

Only 230g without antenna, 256g with one BeeRotor Mushroom and 5dBi Panel

V3 Diversity-Tech:
Enhanced signal before display

With video in function

Size:5.0 inch, 800*480
Screen brightness: 600cd/m2 

2.9x, PMMA, no blur, no distort

Batteries aceipt:
7-23V wide voltage range;
2S or 3S recommended.
2200mAh=7 hours non-stop FPV

Three-ways adjustable T-Strap belt

Size and Weight:
Weight: 230g without antennas and battery


1 * BVone goggles

1 * BeeRotor Mushroom antenna

1 * BeeRotor 5.8G Panel antenna

1 * DC Input cable (JST)

1 * XT60 to JST Cable

1 * AV Cable

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