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BeeRotor BS20A Oneshot/Multishot/DSHOT600 BLHeli_S ESC (4sets/bag)

BeeRotor BS20A Oneshot/Multishot/DSHOT600 BLHeli_S ESC (4sets/bag)

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  • Item: DS20-4

    Weight: 60g

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    app hook

    Blheli_S FW: 


                      ·Latest EFM8BB2 mcu with 48MHz high-speed
                      ·Three-Phase mosfet driver with hardware Synchronous rectification
                      ·BLHeli_S firmware with oneshot125/oneshot42/multishot supported
                      ·235uF high capacitance ceramic capacitors
                      ·2~4S power input , no BEC
                      ·2048 steps PWM resolution with control signal EN/PWM
                      ·Continuous current 20A / peak current 30A
                      ·Twisted-pair signal cable
                      ·Ultra-small dimension: 24 x 13 x 3.6mm
                      ·Weight: 4.43g (include cable)

    Package Included:
       4 pcs BS20A


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    barndog726: 18-04-29 06:24
    These are nice ESCs. They work well Inav, Clean Flight or any controller you mate them to. They are very small and I like the solder pads so I can use my own wire. Here is my copter using all RCTimer parts.
    barndog726: 18-03-21 23:49
    These ESCs work great and they are so tiny! I like that they have solder pads so you can put your own wire on them and not have a splice in the wire. I am using them on a quad controlled by the BeeRotor F3 board running RC Timer HP-2212 880KV motors and RC Timer 10X4.7 CF props. They fine on either 3 or 4S LiPo.

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