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BeeRotor Motor Grip Pliers / Wrench

BeeRotor Motor Grip Pliers / Wrench

Price: $21.99

Item: MW01

Weight: 150g

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Do you sometimes struggle with prop changes on your electric motors?  Well you dont have to anymore! BeeRotor Motor Grip Pliers have finally arrived to make those prop changes a heck of a lot easier.
Designed to grip the can of your electric motor, the silicon inserts help prevent scratching and allow you to get a better grip of your prop nut/spinner making removal of your propeller far easier.
Don't let their intended purpose limit you though, these pliers can be used on any round object that needs gripping such as print heads on 3D printers, carbon fibre or aluminium tubes or even hold the handle of a driver to get more leverage. It is definitely a tool you will use on a regular basis.

1 * BeeRotor Motor Grip Pliers
1 * BeeRotor N-Box

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