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BeeRotor Ultra 130 FPV Racing Mini Quadcopter ARF combo

BeeRotor Ultra 130 FPV Racing Mini Quadcopter ARF combo

Price: $159.99

Item: BR130-U01

Weight: 400g

Off the shelf
Pack Product NO Price
BR130-U01 BR130-U01 $159.99
U130-4S U130-4S $179.99

Build 1: 




BeeRotor Ultra130 carbon fiber FPV racer frame design for FPV player, it has included PDB, it is work perfect with BRF3, the top board is 1.5mm carbon fiber plate, the bottom plate( Arms and bottom plate in one) is 2.0mm carbon fiber plate, frame weight 32g, it support 3" prop.
PDB has soldered Buzzer, Reserved the Pads for Camera, VTX, ESC Singal etc., and it support 5V output. there are LED Pads in rear the PDB.

Package Included:

1 x BeeRotor U130
4 x 1304-3100KV Red
4 x X-Drone10A
4 x BR 3x3x3" BN Prop
1 x LT230-200 SMA(200mW) with BR antenna 
1 x Elgae 160D Cam
1 x BRF3

danskinn : 16-09-22 02:12
Hi, can you please share the printed camera mount? Thank you, Dan
Admin  Reply: 16-10-05 08:41
Ok, I will list it ASAP.
bofroe : 16-09-18 05:39
hi, i have a question can i connect a devo rx701 to this flight controller ?
Admin  Reply: 16-10-05 08:43
Yes, it can.
sodaant : 16-09-11 12:18
Is there any way to just buy the orange camera mount as shown on the U130-4S?
Admin  Reply: 16-10-05 08:44
You can print it, we will upload the 3D file soon.
robca : 16-06-29 14:03
Is there a default Cleanflight configuration for this?
Admin  Reply: 16-07-05 08:50

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