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***(Not $39.99)***BeeRotor 250 Carbon Fiber FPV Racing w/PDB LED

***(Not $39.99)***BeeRotor 250 Carbon Fiber FPV Racing w/PDB LED

Price: $15.99

Item: BR250

Weight: 200g

Quantity : 
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NOT $39.99


BeeRotor250 is probably one of the most popular FPV quadcopter frames. Full carbon fiber FPV racer frame design for FPV player, the frame to include both top and bottom plates are "true" 2mm plates, we have also taken the advice of many and included 3mm thick arms,new designed for lower GC, and new frame support tilt the camera, the frame just 150g, it support 4-5" prop.

"True" 2mm Top & Bottom Plates
3mm Thickness on Arms for Added Durability
Full PDB w/LED
​Support microOSD and MiniOSD connect
Support RSSI

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