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X-Drone High Speed Mini ESC 20A BLHeli With Protect Case

X-Drone High Speed Mini ESC 20A BLHeli With Protect Case

Price: $11.49

Item: X-Drone20A

Weight: 60g

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app hook

If you re-flash BLHeli FW, please select " HobbyWing X-Rotor mini20A"


Size: 24x14x4.5mm

Signal frequency:20-500Hz/ Oneshot125 Ultra high speed

the basic frequency up to 50MHz and processing capacity is faster to support high KV motor properly by using the advanced processor.

Use new process ultra-low resistance MOSFET with miniaturization, and all flashes are N MOS with high withstanding current;

Support high frequency maximum up to 500Hz throttle signal, compatible with all flight controls; Support ultra-high frequency Oneshot125 and high PWM frequency up to 3000Hz, flight response will be more sensitive and rapid, throttle liner will be better and shooting will be more smooth. It is the first choice for multicopter and racing. 

Weight: 6.0g


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