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***(Not $390)***Trooper Full Carbon Q600 QuadCopter V1.1(Comb Motor ESC Prop)

***(Not $390)***Trooper Full Carbon Q600 QuadCopter V1.1(Comb Motor ESC Prop)

Price: $299.99

Item: Q600-3510

Weight: 3400g

Quantity : 
app hook

Rctimer Trooper Q600 designed base on SkyHero/Trooper, the easy to balanced drone, it has improved the bottom plate to PCB board, included 5V and 12V output, Anti Vibration kit make your drone fly to smooth, the motor has soldered to ESC, you just need soldered the ESC to bottom plate follow the rotation direction of each motor,  and the indicator LED has fixed under the motor mount, Q600(included 3510-350 motor, T40A ESC and TM13*5.5 prop) total weight around 2.1KG, flight time easy over 25mins.


About the landing gear, the default is not the retractable, but you can DIY it to retractable landing gear, we have make the hole for you:


 - 2mm full carbon main frame plates 
 - 30 mm Full carbon fibre booms
 - 2.5mm Mount(Battery and Gimbal) full carbon plate
 - Injection moulded motor mounts 
 - Flight controller position between the frame plates 
 - 28 mm to 41.8 mm motor size(motor external diameter)
 - INERTiC camera mounts
 - 20 mm full carbon fiber landing poles 
 - 600mm size 
 - X4 shape
 - Weight: 2400g(appr.)
 - Flight time: 25mins ( take-off weight 3.5kg, 6S-5200mAh battery)

Package included:
Q600 full carbon frame * 1
3510-350kv *4  (Has soldered to ESC)
T40A *4 (SimonK FW, soldered with Motor)
TM13x5.5" Prop *4pcs (2cw 2ccw)


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masin: 17-07-02 16:03
2.8Kg,6S 5000 mAh The hovering time was 16 minutes.

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