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Rctimer Mini ESC20A OPTO BLHeli Firmware (OneShot125)

Rctimer Mini ESC20A OPTO BLHeli Firmware (OneShot125)

Price: $10.99

Item: BLM20A

Weight: 40g

Quantity : 
app hook

ESC Features:

oneshot and damped light both enabled!

Specially for Multi-copter, throttle respond fast;
Suit for throttle, which can compatible well with motor;
Throttle signal is twisted pair cable, reduce the crosstalk while the signal transfer by the copper wire and flight more stable; 
Use new process ultra-low resistance MOSFET with miniaturization, and all flashes are N MOS with high withstanding current;
Minaturization design, Mini20A with high performance capacitor fliter on the board, weight reduce to 2g, also already thicken the PCB copper specially and low heat for small aircraft.


Voltage: 6-16.8V(2-4S LiPo)
Output Current: 20A
BEC: Without
Output PWM frequency:18KHz
Firmware:BLHeli 14.1
Weight:2.0g(without wires)


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