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Rctimer ATLAS Flight Control System (Included GPS&LED)

Rctimer ATLAS Flight Control System (Included GPS&LED)

Price: $39.99

Item: Atlas

Weight: 400g

Quantity : 
app hook

ATLAS Assistant
FW: v1.7

ATLAS Assistant
FW: v1.4 beta

ATLAS Quick StartGuide: (updated on 20/Jan, 2015)
Atlas Initial Flight Test:
Chinese Video
Thread on RCG
ATLAS Features:
Seven type Multi-rotor supported
External LED module with build-in PMU
No compass need during stab mode
Manual controllable during RTH and Auto Landing, avoiding accidents
Compass disturbance alert
Low voltage alert

ATLAS Supports flight mode:
The default data: GYRO 16, AUX 7.8, ALT: 12

If your Aircraft is 450mm size, you can use: GYRO/AUX/ALT :16/6.8/14

In the Box:

Main controller X1, 
GPS X1, 
GPS Bracket X1, 
LED X1, 
Servo Cable X6, 
Micro-USB Cable X1, 
3M Adhesive Tape

iviaviator : 18-09-14 05:45
What kind of OSD? Where to buy it?
Admin  Reply: 18-10-24 16:38
It can't support OSD now.

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