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RCTimer BC2212/6 2200KV Outrunner Brushless Motor

RCTimer BC2212/6 2200KV Outrunner Brushless Motor

Price: $9.87

Item: 2212-6

Weight: 80g

Quantity : 
app hook

Model:  2212-6
Motor size: Ф28*26mm
Shaft size: Ф3.175*37mm
Weight: 50g
KV(rpm/v): 2200
Max Power: 342W
Battery: 2-3Li-Po
Test Prop: 7x3/7x4
Ri(M Ω): 0.033
ESC(A): 30A

foamdelta : 17-04-12 00:42
hi. can anyone tell me the difference between BC2212/6 and BC2826/6 ? thanks
Admin  Reply: 17-04-16 10:40
thay are same, just difference design.

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foamdelta: 17-04-12 17:10
hi. i used to get these issues until i realized using a 40A clamp meter. not too expensive but u can adjust the throttle curve/end point. limit the throttle to only draw 35A burst [at MAX throttle stick] from motor/prop. this way it wont fry esc and / or motor! some of my throttle settings with larger prop could be 0-75% @ 35A ! if the model is still slow u just have to get a bigger motor/esc.
R 17-02-02 17:16
I use these classics on my FunJet, Skyfun and RadJet pusher prop jets. With a 6x4.5 prop and a 2200mAh 3S, I get up to 30 min flight time including verticals. This motor is the best value for money ever.
jamesh: 14-08-19 09:08
I have 6 of these little motor and at 2600kva they are a mighty power house. I use them on small foam plane and Quads. They run with 30amp ESC very well. All I can say is they just keep on going. Very good and wel made. I have noticed you need to keep the prop to the smaller size. It will handel a 8x6 but is you push the motor it will burn out at that size prop! A thumb up and a must have motor!
Amin  Reply: 14-08-19 11:03

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