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Trooper Q850 Upgrade Kits

Trooper Q850 Upgrade Kits

Price: $59.99

Item: Q850-Kits

Weight: 500g

For Trooper and Sky-hero

Quantity : 
app hook

Trooper Q850 Upgrade Kits

For Trooper and Sky-hero

- 30 mm carbon fiber booms
- Injection moulded motor mounts
- 28 mm to 52 mm motor size

Your purchase includes:
-2x 450mm carbon fiber tube
-2x 285mm carbon fiber tube
-4sets 52mm size motor mounts
-Screws kits

esite : 14-09-03 19:59
Where I can buy 4sets 52mm size motor mounts ?
Admin  Reply: 14-09-05 20:53
Please buy from here:
Q : 14-08-26 07:12
Good night! The 5010-14 360KV Brushless Motor Multicopter is to use this kit?
Admin  Reply: 14-08-30 20:56
Yes, it can.

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