BeeRotor HoneyDrop 5.8G Antennas RHCP (2Pcs/box) V2.0

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BeeRotor HoneyDrop 5.8G Antennas RHCP (2Pcs/box) V2.0 Consulting

vrenzo Say: 17-04-14 18:50
Hello, what the differnce between V1 and V2 ?
admin[admin]Reply: 17-04-16 10:30
Improved DBi, QC ect.., all are great now!
deusabsconditus Say: 17-04-05 20:56
Are these still of such a bad quality? I bought 6 of them but they were really bad. When I opened them the pcbs weren't lined up correctly and the shielding between the top pcb and the 2nd pcb were missing. So the range only was below 100m.
admin[admin]Reply: 17-04-07 21:40
Updated it now, V2.0

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